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Hauntings & Legends of the Sanatorium


Reported Hauntings:
1. Early mornings if you walk by the cafeteria you can smell the aroma of breakfast foods being prepared ever so faintly.  
2. Shadow people have been sighted by numerous people. These shadow people lurk between doorways & sometimes if looking in a window from the outside they can appiear looking like the cloaked "Predator" from the movies.
3. E.V.P. has been recorded at Waverly Hills. "Click here to listen"
4. A shape & shadow of a man has been seen, even photographed in the courtyard area near the front of the building.
5. Sounds of talking, walking, & doors closing have been heard by many who enter Waverly's halls.

Urban Legends:

1. When Waverly Hills was in operation as a sanatorium, legend has it that a tragedy happend from or in room 502 on the 5th floor. There are many variations of this story and as of yet no proof has been discovered. Legend has it that a nurse that was so tormented by not being able to leave or see her family or She was pregnant out of wed lock that she committed suicide in or from room 502. She either jumped to her death from the ledge outside room 502, jumped from the 502 window, or hung her self from the pipes in the ceiling (water sprinkler system put in the 1960's when Waverly Hills became Woodhaven Geriatric Center). The 5th floor was not used when Waverly was the geriatric center.

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