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Note: Prices, dates, & times are subject to change each seasion.

Louisville's #1 and only Haunted Hospital is now open for FRESH MEAT!

Come see the horrors that await you in the most terrifying building in Louisville. One floor of all original horror scenes await your every scream. This Haunted Hospital is unlike any other you will ever see. Everything inside is designed to conjure all of your phobias and fears.
Will you escape the clutches of insanity, or will you be consumed by the Sanatorium!

NOW OPEN for the 2003 Halloween seasion till Nov. 1st:
Thursday - 8pm to 12am
Friday - 8pm to 1am
Saturday - 8pm to 1am

Tickets $15.00 per person
All proceeds go to:
Restoration Fund of Waverly Hills Sanatorium
(Waverly Hills Historical Society Inc.)  


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